SCA Certified Courses

Baristastudio Schiedam is certified by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA). We offer small, intimate courses at various levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Professional. Our studio is located in Schiedam, but we give our students the option to take it at a location of their own choosing. That way, we ensure that our course is accessible to everyone.


Travel with us into the world of coffee and learn the basics that every coffee-lover should know. Everything from the history of the bean to coffee’s unique taste and sensation.


Are you looking to become a barista? We’ll make a specialist out of you. Learn to understand the coffee machine like no other.


Technique and chemistry come together here. Learn everything about the origin of coffee beans, the development of flavor, and brewing methods.


Tasting, smelling, and feeling. The basics for every connoisseur. You learn ‘cupping’, a structural technique to sharpen your senses.


Everything about the coffee bean’s origin, process, and quality. Great to know if you’re working in a roastery, collaborating with farmers, or buying beans for your own business.


The art of coffee roasting: perfecting the flavor of your beans.

Sign up for a weekend course!

Are you too busy during the week? No problem. There are courses available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Perfect for the at-home baristas who want to learn more about brewing, filter coffee, and latte art.


– 10am to 12pm
– 1pm to 3pm
– 4pm to 6pm

Friday Night = Cocktail Night! We offer cocktail workshops twice a month on Fridays from 7pm to 9pm


Location: Baristastudio Schiedam


More about our SCA courses

Our barista courses are divided into three levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Professional. Foundation is where you learn the basics; it’s perfect for beginners. Have you been working as a barista for a little while and you’ve passed your Foundation training? Then Intermediate is for you. Have you been practicing as a barista for over a year and you’ve passed Intermediate? Then you’re ready for the Professional training.

At the end of each course there is a theoretical and practical exam, and once you have passed both, you receive your very own Specialty Coffee Association certificate.

Are you looking for a certified course that’s a little more basic? Then Introduction to Coffee might be the one for you.

SCA works with a points-system. Foundation is 5 points, Intermediate is 10 points, and Professional is 25 points. If you’ve passed everything (Barista, Brewing, Sensory, Green Coffee, Roastery), then you’ve earned a coffee diploma from the SCA.

Hospitality Training

Are you looking to finetune your hospitality skills and improve your workflow? We offer training programs at any location to help you become the best hospitality worker you can be.

With our training, learn to improve:

  • Workflow
  • Cleanliness
  • Performance
  • Quality


Cocktails make every experience better. Our mixology training teaches you the basics while also giving you the creative freedom to invent your own never-seen-before cocktail combinations. Learn the art of bartending and refining cocktail recipes at Baristastudio Schiedam.

Happy Future Baristas

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